2013 International Invitational Quilt Exhibition

Featured Art Quilter: Noriko Endo of Tokyo, Japan

Featured Traditional Quilter: Helen Butler of Alpine, Utah

Nature's vast magnificence awakens in the landscape quilts designed by Noriko Endo and the flower pieces created by Helen Butler. Endo's quilts are full of sunshine and greenery, while Butler's pieces glide from one spectacular hue to another. 

Other artists showing off their command of designing, piecing, and quilting are Lenore Crawford, Michigan; Kaye Evans, Utah; Linda French, Ohio; Suzanne Marshall, Missouri; Kathy McNeil, Washington; Andrea Perejda, California; Sharon L. Schlotzhauer and David M. Taylor, Colorado; Kate Themel, Connecticut; and Zena Thorpe, California. 

We appreciate the quilters rambling off the beaten path to create works from visits to the Greek island of Santorini, the medieval village Le Poet-Laval in central France, and Huangshan in the Yellow Mountains of China, to name a few locales.