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1970-1979: Changes

Catalog of Courses

1971 – Visit by Lehman Brightman, lawsuit filed by National Indian Youth Council students, six IIS students spent two weeks on an exchange in San Francisco. 1,766 students enrolled.
1972 – Lawsuit dismissed, Henry Junior Wilson died at the school.
1974 – School name changed to Intermountain Intertribal School, school riots.

To enroll at Intermountain in the 1970s, students must have:
   • 1/4 degree or more of Indian blood.
   • Written parental permission.
   • Area and agency approval.
   • Current social summary and transcript of high school credits.
   • Must have reached the age of 14-19 as of October 1 of the year seeking acceptance.
   • Student's and guardian's signatures on the Student Code of Conduct and Responsibilities.