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Suitcases on the sidewalk.
Suitcases on the sidewalk.

“At a lot of similar places in the country, there were people who just showed up for a paycheck. But at the Indian School, people put their programs together with their heart and soul to make it work.”
- Clair Olsen, teacher and administrator from 1975-1984

“[Intermountain was the] finest school in the country . . . wouldn't have traded it [his job] for anything in the world.”
- Max Baty, teacher and Vice Principle of Guidance

“A great need exists for a facility to provide a program for the hard-core dropouts and kickouts. I do not see having at Intermountain any other programs. . .”
- Abe Tucker, Navajo Acting Assistant Director for Education

“Resolution passed 114-0 to withdraw all Navajo students and funds provided to Intermountain with the exception of resources needed for Navajo juniors and seniors who will remain as part of the phase-out program.”
- Wilfred S. Bowman, Navajo Acting Assistant Director for Education