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Since 1984

Allan Houser mural from the IIS Gym, painted c. 1958.
Allan Houser mural from the IIS Gym, painted c. 1958.

In the years since the closure of the school, the old Intermountain campus has seen many changes. When left vacant for nearly thirty years, time has a tendency to take its toll on buildings. The boarded-up, crumbling buildings have been a popular spot for ghost hunters, and ghost stories about the property abound. Most buildings have damage from both the elements and vandals, including excessive graffiti.

The golf course has been expanded, and some buildings have been taken over by businesses or turned into condos. Utah State University is currently working to transform the remaining 40 acres into a USU Brigham City Campus. The long term plan will enable USU to educate up to 10,000 students in Brigham City. They plan on retaining one building as a reminder of the history that came before.

A partnership between Brigham City and USU is working to determine whether the Allan Houser mural (removed from the Gym before it was demolished in 2001 ) can be appropriately conserved.