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Zena Thorpe

Zena Thorpe was the 2014 exhibition featured quilter. 

Zena Thorpe visualizes time and again her native England to create quilts which have won Best of Show in every major national and international quilting competition. 

Thorpe, who was born in Derbyshire, England, and now lives in Chatsworth, California, says she spent much of her early life wandering about the woods and hedgerows picking wildflowers and berries and, at home, learning all needle crafts at her mother's knee. 

As an adult, Thorpe became a scientists working in biochemistry. She gave up the profession to raise four children. It wasn't until she came to the United States that she learned the joys of quilting. 

Thorpe was asked by the local historical society to design a portion of a quilt to commemorate the centennial of her adopted hometown of Chatsworth. She was pleased with her artistic interpretation of the local pioneer church and thereafter was obsessed with fabric applique. Thorpe joined the quilt guild in 1988. 

For more information about Thorpe, please visit her website.

Zena Thorpe