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Crème de la Crème



The designs of William Morris from the Arts and Craft era have been a great inspiration to my quilting. I wanted to design a whole cloth quilt using motifs from his fabrics, wallpapers, and tapestries. After gathering photos that I thought would traslate well to quilting, I designed this quilt. The techniques used in its construction are Trapunto; Boutis (a French technique of threading yarn between the layers of the quilt to add dimension - I used this in the stems and to add extra loft to some of the flowers); embroidery; beading; and fabric inks to add a little color. Many white, whole cloth quilts seem flat and hard to photograph, so I took a very bright green backing fabric (a William Morris reproduction fabric) and placed it right side in so it would "shadow through" to the background quilted areas where there was no extra layer of batting. It is very subtle, but it does make the flowers and leaves look whiter than the background. I also used bright green threads to quilt it by hand.