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Come Into the Light



Stained glass is a hobby of mine. When I came across this picture of a Victorian entryway, it piquéd my interest. I loved the way the light illuminated the beautiful, ornate woodwork. I pieced all of the background and appliquéd the woodwork on top. All of the little circles are actually yo-yos turned to the backside. I used a bias bar to make the spindles in the wood. The stained glass windows were made using a white-on-white fabric turned to the back side, which had color washes painted on top. The border of lead was drawn with a permanent black marker and then quilted over with black thread. I painted and used markers to cross-hatch details throughout the entire quilt to add dimension. The quilt is made of cotton fabrics. I experimented with the Picture Piecing technique for the first time on the black and white tile floor. It went together well.