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Wedding Quilt



This quilt was a gift to my granddaughter Madison Howard and to Eric Elliott for their wedding on July 23, 2014. The pattern for this quilt was an adaptation of "Rainbow Memories" using Gelato fabrics from E.E. Schenck Co. and "Quilted Memories" blocks by Julia H. Hale. The piece was the most challenging and interesting I have ever made. There was no strip quilting here! Each individual piece of each block had to be placed on and individually cut from the right shade of Gelato fabrics, which fade from light through dark blue, turquoise through red-violet, orange through deep purple, golden chartreuse through deep peacock blue, etc. Fabrics were garnered from Oregon to Texas with the assistance of many helpful shop owners and the Internet. It took almost as long to find the fabrics as it did to make the quilt, which is machine pieced and hand quilted.