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Between Day and Dream



My passion for quilts and fabric is shared with a passion for wood and working with wood. To see Intarsia work was a pleasure to my eye, especially close-up. One day I challenged myself to try that craft with fabric. I had seen a chest in marquetry - beautiful, inlayed wood work. The chest became the inspiration for this quilt. Several shades of possible "wood" were used to create the piece. In the middle was a powerful lion head  encircled with a dark, small border. It was a stately look, but I had no passion for the beast. Instead, I decided to put a woman's face in the center. After it was appliqued to the background, I showed the result to my husband, saying, "Look, my new work in progress!" He looked at it and remarked, "Do you have all your senses working? You just finished a quilt." Irritated, I replied, "My senses are fine; and so that you know, I will put four more faces in this project, which will make a total of five faces, and call the quilt the Sensible Women." I eventually renamed the quilt Between Day and Dream because I find considerable time to work on my hobby and also take enough time to do chores.