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Walk in the Park



The theme I have been working on the last two years is Cubism, so this quilt's design portrays this visual art style. Over the summer months of 1999, I took many photographs of Hursley Park while walking my dog. It is a beautiful park with a great range of trees. Most of them are very old. I took photographs inside the park, looking out of the park, and from outside looking in. I then selected 19 photographs which I thought would be suitable to produce this quilt. I made drawings from the photographs and enlarged them by way of squared paper. By placing tracing paper over the drawings, I traced lines and fragmented them into facets of color. This now became the master copy. Using cheap typewriting paper, I traced the lines in mirror images and used them as a foundation for piecing - mostly by machine and some by hand. I have used many different fabrics, including cotton, linen, silk, and hand dyed cotton as long as the color was right. Once all the blocs were finished, I moved them around until I was satisfied with the result. One block stood out too much and was discarded. It now lives at the back of the quilt under the big tree.