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I created this quilt using a photograph I took about 12 years ago of the church "Gedaechtnis Kirche" in Berlin. It was bombed almost to the ground; and, instead of rebuilding it at the time, the decision was made to preserve what was left. I tried to give that feeling of crumbly walls and glimpses of what was once there in the painting above the door. I used most of my own dyed fabrics and some by Heide Stoll-Weber. The piece is machine quilted and hand embroidered for details. I left the bottom of the quilt ragged to mirror the ragged tower on the church. The title Remember is not only the name of the church, but a reminder of the ravages of war.

Twelve years ago there was an exhibition in the church of life-size bronzes. I have incorporated the figure of one of the bronzes - Job - in the opening of the black door. I have not been able to find the name of the sculptor.