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Piece and Quiet


This quilt was named one of the "20th Century's 100 Best American Quilts.

"This woodland scene started with a 3 x 5 photograph. I used freezer paper for templates, but not in the traditional sense. The freezer paper stays on while I am sewing, and I sew next to the freezer paper, not through it. Every piece is color-numbered. There is no guessing about which color to use during actual construction.

The quilt is machine pieced; however, some of the trees in the foreground were pieced and then appliquéd on. Other details such as a few rocks in the water and the yellow triangles on the small tree were also appliquéd. I primarily used cotton fabrics; organzas and satins were used in the water. This quilt took about six months to make and has over 8,000 pieces in it.

I have three children who are interested in "hide and seek" books, so I decided to use pre-printed fabrics and "hide" two animals in the quilt: a deer and a wolf. They are both located near the horizon line.